Biology Greenhouse Open House and Plant Sale

–When: FRIDAY Dec. 8, 10AM-2PM

–Location: Biology Greenhouse (between Hamilton Hall & Refectory)

–Cost: Make a donation to the greenhouse & take away a plant!

–Optional January pickup for your plant(s)

See our extensive plant collection!

Stephanie Jones has just been awarded the top ‘Graduate Research Prize’ by CCUBC

Stephanie Jones, a Vanier Scholar and senior Ph.D. student in Dr. Marie Elliot’s lab in the Department of Biology, has just been awarded the top ‘Graduate Research Prize’ by the ‘Canadian Council of University Biology Chairs’ (CCUBC). This award is given in recognition of publishing the best and most innovative refereed journal article (based on graduate research), this year in Canada. The honour will be officially conferred tomorrow (Nov 16th), during the CCUBC’s annual meeting.

Stephanie’s eLife paper ( turned the field of microbial development on its head, when she reported a completely new mechanism of bacterial growth, development and communication. Her findings were all the more remarkable considering that the bacterium she studies (Streptomyces), has been the subject of developmental investigations for 70+ years. Stephanie’s eLife paper has received extensive attention, including being highlighted in the journals Nature and Nature Reviews Microbiology.

Taru Vasanthan – valedictorian for the Faculties of Engineering and Sciences

Congratulations to Taru Vasanthan, PhD student in Dr. Jon Stone’s lab, who was chosen as valedictorian for the Faculties of Engineering and Sciences’ Fall Convocation Ceremony on Friday, November 17th at 9:30 a.m. at the FirstOntario Concert Hall (formerly called Hamilton Place).

Sept 27 Level II Welcome Night

Join us Wednesday Sept 27 @ 630pm for the Level II Welcome Night!

It’s a great opportunity to meet with the Professors.


Pizza will be served.

Sarah Marzec wins poster award

Sarah Marzec has won the 2nd Biennial Meeting Pan-American Society for Evolutionary Developmental Biology.

Conference Link Here

Poster Link Here

How study of a rare rat genome may relate to humans

The study involves an obscure little rodent living in the deserts of Argentina.

Though obscure, the rat is unique in the world. It seems to be the only mammal that has undergone a huge genome expansion resulting in a larger genome than humans, much, much larger in fact.

Ben Evans (PhD) is the lead author of a study of the red vizcacha rat. He is a professor in the biology department at McMaster University in Hamilton Ontario


Full story here

George diCenzo wins outstanding student award

Congratulations to George Colin diCenzo, a PhD student in Dr. Turlough Finan’s lab, for winning this year’s Armand-Frappier Outstanding Student Award! This award was presented on June 23rd, 2017, at the Annual Meeting of the Canadian Society of Microbiologists in Waterloo. Each year, the award is given to the most outstanding graduate student in microbiology in Canada.

At the meeting, George presented his award lecture titled:  “Experimental and in silico guided approaches to engineering the rhizobium – legume symbiosis”.

Collaborative research project results in declines in reptile mortality

Dr. Patricia Chow-Fraser and PhD candidate Chantel Markle studied reptile road mortality along one of the deadliest roads in North America for species at risk. The collaborative research project resulted in declines in reptile mortality and highlights the importance of complete fencing along roadways.


Full Story Here

Dr. Graham Scott wins the The Bob Boutilier New Investigator Award

Dr. Graham Scott, who holds a Canada Research Chair (Tier II) was honoured with the The Bob Boutilier New Investigator Award at this month’s Canadian Society of Zoologists Meeting in Winnipeg. The award recognises scientists who made significant contributions to zoology and are considered a “rising star” in their field. Dr. Scott gave a keynote lecture “Living the high life: integrative functional mechanisms of high-altitude adaptation”.

Dr. Daniel honoured with Harry Jerome Award

Dr. Juliet Daniel was honoured with a Harry Jerome Award from the Black Business and Professional Association this weekend.


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