Dr. Bhagwati Gupta

What is the overall goal of your research program?

Our laboratory studies the mechanisms of cell proliferation, differentiation and morphogenesis in metazoans. To this end we are using a well-known model organism the nematode C. elegans and its sister species C. briggsae. A major goal of our research program is to understand the conservation and divergence of signaling pathways that control important processes during development.

What would be one of your biggest research highlights?

My laboratory has developed several genetic and genomic resources for C. briggsae to facilitate comparative analysis of developmental mechanisms. We maintain the largest collection of C. briggsae mutants at McMaster and host the C. briggsae resource website (www.briggsae.org). The highlights of our neurobiology research include development of microfluidic devices to study electrotaxis swimming behavior in worms and the evidence of dopamine signaling in this process.

How can we find out more information about the research you do?

More information about our research can be found on websites http://www.macwormlab.net/and http://www.briggsae.org/

What are your main interests outside of research?

When not working in the lab, I like to do computer programming and design SQL database-enabled websites. I have developed the labdb package to manage resources in our laboratory (www.macwormlab.net/labdb). Other times I keep myself busy with collecting stamps and coins.