Dr. Jonathan Dushoff

What is the overall goal of your research program?

My research program is theoretical and computational in nature, so I’m allowed to have more than one goal :-).  The main one is to fight infectious diseases, by understanding how they spread, and how they evolve.  A major secondary goal is increasing understanding of bacterial ecosystems, ranging from ocean ecosystems that are major engines of the planet’s metabolism, to the many ecosystems each of us carries around – in our guts, noses, behind our ears and so forth.  We do all this with theoretical and computational approaches that focus on better understanding of existing data.

What would be one of your biggest research highlights?

Helping to clarify the large burden of rabies deaths in Africa and Asia; and showing that these deaths can likely be almost entirely prevented through vaccination of domestic dogs.

How can we find out more information about the research you do?

From the web page you are visiting!

What are your main interests outside of research?

One of my main teaching interests is ICI3D; a comprehensive program to train mathematical modelers in infectious-disease epidemiology and infectious-disease epidemiologists in mathematical modeling.  I have taught a course in Cape Town every (South African) fall for about 7 years; we also have a shorter, newer course in Florida.

I am a developer of WorkingWiki, a wiki-based platform for collaborative, reproducible research.