Graduate Course Selection (2017-18)

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600 - Level Courses
Course Description  Mosaic Number Instructor



Mol Bio 6BB3 Plant Metabolism and Molecular Biology

Analysis of plant cell metabolism and the regulation of metabolism at the biochemical and moleuclar genetic level.


Dr. E. Weretilnyk

Bio 6DD3 Molecular Evolution

The study of how molecules change over time within and between species. The experimental data, techniques and theories will be examined.


Dr. I. Dworkin and Dr. G.B. Golding


Bio 6E03 Population Genetics

Fundamentals of theoretical population genetics and their practical applications to understanding genomics, molecular evolution, human evolution, speciation and conservation biology.


Dr. I. Dworkin and Dr. G.B. Golding


Mol Bio 6HO3 Molecular Biology of Cancer (Same as Biochemistry *6H03 and Molecular Biology*6H03)

Cancer at the molecular and cellular level. Topics include: properties of cancer cells; activation of proto-oncogenes; function of oncoproteins; proliferative signal transduction; transgenic mouse models of human cancer; and tumour viruses.

112393 Dr. A. Bédard and Dr. P. Whyte


Bio 6P03 Medical Microbiology

Microbial infectious diseases of humans: ecology, evolution, epidemiology, immunity, pathogenesis and the treatments of these diseases.

112395 Dr. JP Xu



Bio 6X03 Environmental Physiology

Advanced physiology of animals with an emphasis on interactions with an adaptation to the environment.

101318 Dr. G. McClelland


700 - Level Courses
Course Description  Mosaic Number Instructor



 Bio 707 Ecological Statistics

This graduate course in statistics will introduce common multivariate methods used in ecology and to develop basic computer and interpretation skills necessary for their use. Students participate in teaching through analysis of data sets and individual presentations.

101326 Dr. S. Dudley and Dr. J. Kolasa


 Bio 709 Special Topics in Biology

Studies requiring selection from specialized areas of research as approved by the Department.

101328 TBA

I or II

 Bio 712 (NEW) Communication and Scholarship Skills in Biology

Students will develop first-hand experience in applying best practices in scientific communication across the Biology disciplines.  This experience will include critical analysis and opportunities to enhance skills in individual and group writing, visual and verbal communication, and peer review.  Students will develop a working knowledge of the epistemic rules for funding, publication, critique and ethics in Biology.

Term 1: 101049


Term II: 123368

Dr. J.R. Jacobs

I & II

Bio 724 Molecular Ecology

This course will survey current topics on the use of molecular genetic techniques to study aspects of population biology and ecology. Staff lectures, student presentations, and joint discussions of the current literature will be used.

101342 Dr. J.S. Quinn and Dr. JP Xu


 Bio 780  Advanced Microscopy and Imaging

This course will focus on the theoretical and practical demonstrations that underlie a plethora of current microscopy techniques. Topics of interest will include but may not be limited to light, fluorescent and electron microscopy.

 120119  Drs. R. da Silva, B. Gupta, J.R. Jacobs and D. Gillespie  II
 Bio 799  Genetic Basis of Common Disease

This course will focus on one of the most active areas of biomedical research, namely the genetics of common diseases. Topics include: etiology of disease, epidemiology, twin studies, animal models, linkage and segregation analyses

101361  Dr. S. Igdoura  II