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Date Name Supervisor Title Location and Time
Aug 31 Danielle Sexton Dr. M. Elliot The role of extracellular polymers in Streptomyces growth and development GH 212/B at 10:00 am
July 19 Austin Brown Dr. M. J. O Donnell Calcium transport by insect Malpighian tubules GH 212/B at 12:00 pm
July 9 Stephanie Jones Dr. M. Elliot RNA metabolism and a new mode of development in Streptomyces GH 212/B at 1:00 pm
Aug 18 Chantel Markle Dr. P. Chow-Fraser Landscape-level strategies for conservation of imperiled freshwater turtles GH – 212/B 1:30 PM
July 11 Daniel Wilson Dr. R. Cameron Flowering-time regulators and intercellular salicylic acid contribute to age-related resistance in Arabidopsis thaliana GH-212/B 2:00 PM
July 4 Ayush Ranawade Dr. B Gupta PRY-1/AXIN regulate aging, lipid metabolism and seam-cell asymmetric cell division in C. elegans GH 212/B
June 21 Vera Velasco Dr. E. Weretilnyk Traits underlying phosphorus use by the extremophyte Eutrema salsugineum GH-212/B
May 9 Siavash Amon Dr. B Gupta Regulation and function of lin-11 GH 212/B – 1:00PM
Apr 19 Sajeni Mahalingam Drs. G. McClelland and G. Scott High-altitude ancestry and hypoxia acclimation affect mitochondrial physiology in deer mice GH 212 – 1:00PM
Dec 15 George diCenzo Dr.T. M. Finan Divide and conquer: How conquering multiple niches influenced the evolution of the divided bacterial genome MUSC 220 – 9:30 AM
Sept 20 Alex Hooper Dr. S. Igdoura Mechanisms of Neurogeneration in a Mouse Model of Sandhoff Disease MUSC 318 – 1:00PM
Sept 1 Renee St-Onge Dr.M. Elliot Regulation of a muralytic resuscitation-promoting factor in Streptomyces coelicolor GH 212/B – 10:00 AM
Jul 5 Philip Carella Dr. R. Cameron Exploring the role of DIR1 and other phloem-mobile proteins during systemic acquired resistance in Arabidopsis thaliana GH 212B – 1:30PM
Dec 14 Sangeena Salam Dr. B. Gupta Dopamine mediated modulation of electrotactic swimming behavior MUSC – 220 – 10:00 AM
Dec 9 Aaron Vogan Dr. JP Xu Genetic Analysis of a Hybrid Cross Between Cryptococcus Neoformans and Cryptococcus Deneoformans MUSC 303 – 1:30PM
Dec 9 Devika Sharanya Dr. B. Gupta Molecular genetic study of reproductive system development in the nematode Caenorhabditis briggsae GH 212B – 10:00AM
Sept 15 Qamber Raza Dr. J.R. Jacobs Collective cell migration during heart morphogenesis in Drosophila requires guidance signaling and extracellular matrix remodelling LSB 213A – 10:00 AM
Aug 13 John LeBlanc Dr. Pat Chow-Fraser Managing spawning and nursery habitat of the Georgian Bay muskellunge (Esox masquinongy) GH 212B – 1:00PM
July 21 Lindsay Keegan Dr. J. Dushoff Malaria Control: Insights from Mathematical Models MUSC 220- 1:00 PM
July 8 Mitchell MacLeod Dr. E. Weretilnyk Characterization of drought response strategies in Eutrema salsugineum using comparative physiology and transcriptome sequencing MUSC 230 – 9:30
Jun 16 Tamzin Blewett Dr. C.M. Wood Influence of water chemistry on Ni accumulation and sub-lethal toxicity in marine and estuarine animals MDCL 2233- 1:00 PM
May 7 Cody Dey Dr. J.S. Quinn Dominance and Communication in Cooperative Breeding Bird GH-212B
Apr 15 Alexander Zimmer Dr. C.M. Wood The ontogeny and mechanisms of branchial and cutaneous ammonia excretion in freshwater rainbow trout LSB-B130A – 1:00 PM
Apr 7 Matthew Hammond Dr. J. Kolasa Patterns of spatiotemporal variation as tools for predicting and inferring ecosystem dynamics GH-212A at 9:00 AM
Mar 24 Roopali Chaudhary Dr. J. Daniel Overexpression of the transcription factor Kaiso in murine intestines induces inflammation GH 212B – 9:30 AM
Feb 20 Christina Pierre Dr. J.M. Daniel Kaiso: A Novel Mediator of Intestinal Inflammation and tumorigenesis. GH-212B at 9:30 AM


Date Name Supervisor Title Location and Time
Apr 18 Xiafei Zhang Dr. M. Elliot Controlling antibiotic production in Streptomyces bacteria LSB-213A at 10:30 a.m
Apr 17 Man You Dr. JP Xu Genotypic and Phenotypic variations among hybrid progeny of the human fungal pathogen Cryptococcus gattii species complex LSB-212A at 2:30 p.m
Apr 12 Sulyaman Lyons Dr. G. McClelland Regulation of Lipid Oxidation during Thermogenesis at High Altitude in Deer Mice LSB-213A – 11:00 AM
Mar 9 Avijit Mallick Dr. B. Gupta PRY-1/AXIN mediated regulation of development and aging in nematodes LSB-B130A – 9:00 AM
Oct 30 Christine West Dr. W. Kunze The Functional Nature of Nervous Communication Between Gut and Brain LSB-213A – 10:00 AM
Jun 15 Nick Luymes Dr. P. Chow-Fraser Predicting effects of climate and land-use changes on distribution and productivity on amphibian habitat within Ontario forests LSB-B130A at 2:30 pm
May 10 Ish Jain Dr. B. Gupta A study on the negative regulators of vulval development. LSB 212A- 10:30AM
Apr 24 Emil Karpinski Dr. H. Poinar Ancient Genetic Analyses of Early Proboscideans from Temperate and Tropical Locales of the Americas LSB-212A at 11:00 am
Apr 18 Daniella Lato Dr. G.B. Golding Spatial Substitution Trends in Bacterial Genomes. LSB 212A- 9:00AM
Apr 13 Oliver Wearing Dr. Graham Scott Circulatory adaptations to high-altitude hypoxia in deer mice (Peromyscus maniculatus) LSB 212A
Jan 18 Sarah Marzec Dr. I. Dworkin Cryptic Genetic Variation in Natural Populations of Drosophila melanogaster. LSB 213A- 2:00PM
Nov 22 Shawn Hercules Dr. J.M. Daniel Identifying social and genetic factors underlying the racial disparity of triple negative breast cancers in women of African Ancestry (WAA) LSB 213A – 1:30PM
June 26 Alexandra Jennings Dr. S. Dudley Kin recognition and life-history trade-offs in plants LSB 213A – 2:00PM
May 14 Catie Ivy Dr. G. Scott Control of breathing and adaptation to high-altitude hypoxia in deer mice LSB 213A – 2:30PM
Apr 24 Dan Weller Dr. P. Chow-Fraser Eco-geomorphology and habitat suitability in large lake ecosystems LSB B130A – 9:00AM
Mar 26 Brittney Borowiec Dr. G. Scott The acclimation responses of killifish (Fundulus sp.) to constant and intermittent patterns of hypoxia LSB 213A – 1:30PM
Jan 29 James Maraccio Dr. P. Chow-Fraser New technologies to map wetland vegetation and assess habitat quality in the Great Lakes basin LSB B130A – 2:00PM


Date Name Supervisor Title Location and Time
Sep 18 Ron Padilla Dr. S. Igdoura Impact of Autophagy on Myogenic Differentiation in Lysosomal Storage Diseases LSB 213A – 10:30 AM
Aug 9 Savannah Colameco Dr. M. Elliot Characterizing G-quadruplexes as a novel regulatory element in Streptomyces bacteria LSB 213A – 10:00 AM
July 27 Lyndsay Rayner Dr. J.M Daniel Kaiso regulates tumor-suppressing microRNAs 31 and 200c in triple negative breast cancer (TNBC) cells LSB-213A – 10:30 AM
Apr 6 Christine Kempthorne Dr. R. Cameron Non-targeted metabolite profiling of the leaf intercellular space PNB 316 – 2:30 PM
Apr 4 Renad Aljohani Dr. JP Xu The Diversity of Culturable Yeasts in Soils of Cameroon and Saudi Arabia LSB-213A – 9:00 AM
Mar 15 Chris Hughes Dr. J. R. Jacobs The Larval Requirement for Matrix Metalloproteinase-Mediated Remodelling … LSB-213/A
Dec 20 Samantha Assee Dr. A Bedard Role of GABARAP Tumor Supressor in the Control of E.R Stress and Cell Fate LSB-213/A at 2:00 PM
Sep 19 Daniel Hsieh Dr. T.M. Finan Characterizing the function of the Pit-accessory protein (Pap) in Sinorhizobium meliloti LSB-B130A at 1:30 PM
Sep 18 Reyna Matties Dr. S. Dudley Native Plant Performance on a Riparian Buffer Restoration and Feasibility of a Constructed Wetland at an Urban Parking Lot in Southern Ontario LSB-212 at 2:00 PM
Sep 15 Wenjing Hua Dr. JP Xu Genotypic and phenotypic analyses of two model “isogenic” strains of Cryptococcus neoformans LSB-B130A at 1:00 PM
Sep 15 Courtney Young Dr. J.S. Quinn Patterns of Parental Care and Chick Discrimination in the Joint-nesting Pūkeko LSB-213A at 9:30 AM
Sep 13 Taylor Brooks Dr. G. McClelland Influence on the transition from acute to chronic hypoxia on pyruvate dehydrogenase kinase 1 and lactate accumulation in C2C12 cells LSB-212A – 2:00 PM
Sep 12 Jonathan Tran Dr. C.D. Rollo Impacts of Ionizing Radiation on Life History and Immunity LSB-213A at 1:00 PM
Sep 12 Paul Knoops Dr. I. Dworkin Evolutionary and plastic responses of Drosophila under predation risk LSB-B130A at 10:00 AM
Aug 16 Jakub Kosakowski Dr. P. Higgs The Evolution of Antibiotic Production Rate in a Spatial Model of Bacterial Competition MDCL-2301 10:00 AM
Aug 11 Alexander Shephard Dr. C.D. Rollo Effects of early life ionizing radiation exposure on the life-history of the cricket, Acheta domesticus LSB-213A 12:00PM
July 31 Rachelle Atrache Dr. H. Schellhorn Comparative Metagenomics of Freshwater Cyanobacteria Bloom and Non-Bloom Sites in Ontario LSB-212A 2:00 PM
July 13 Chris Firby Dr. M. Elliot Exploring the regulation of secondary metabolites in Streptomyces LSB-212A
Jun 16 Ramandeep (Romy) Pabla Dr. Bhagwati Gupta The genetic and functional characterization of ivp-3 – a negative regulator of cell proliferation in Ceanorhabditis briggsae LSB-212A 9:00 am
Apr 18 Sherry Du Dr. G. Scott Metabolic and respiratory consequences of wastewater exposure in fish LSB-B130A 1:00P.M.
Apr 20 Lindsey Boyd Dr. P. Chow-Fraser Investigating the effects of water level on macrophyte zones and ecological index performance in coastal marshes of Georgian Bay, Lake Huron. LSB 213A 10:30AM
Apr 18 Sherry Du Dr. G. Scott Metabolic and respiratory consequences of wastewater exposure in fish LSB-B130A 1:00P.M.
Apr 18 Jonathan Hughes Drs. Hendrik Poinar and Brian Golding Resolving the Xenarthran Phylogeny using Nuclear Loci. LSB 218A 1:00PM
Feb 7 Meghan R. Healey Dr. J Quinn Kinship and territoriality of cooperative breeding Pukeko (Porphyrio melanotus melanotus) under low and high population density conditions LSB B130A 9:00AM
Nov 24 Meryl Acker Dr. J.R. Jacobs ” The role of Pericardial cells in Drosophila melanogaster extracellular matrix remodelling. LSB 212A 10:00AM
Dec 14 Stuart Campbell Dr. P. Chow-Fraser Modelling the impact of anthropogenic disturbance on water quality in the coastal zone of eastern Georgian Bay, Lake Huron LSB 213A 9:00AM
Nov 24 Meryl Acker Dr. J.R. Jacobs ” The role of Pericardial cells in Drosophila melanogaster extracellular matrix remodelling. LSB 212A 10:00AM
Oct 25 Rachel Kelly Dr. H. Schellhorn Exploring the effects of chronic vitamin C deficiency in a mouse model of Her2-positive breast cancer LSB 213B 10:30AM
Sept 26 Steven Botts Dr. H. Schellhorn “Exploring microbial community dynamics: Positive selection for gain of RpoS function in Escherichia coli & microbial profiling of the Niagara Region LSB 213A 1:30PM
Sept 23 Greg Di Sanza Dr. J. Stone A Computational Investigation and Review of the Structural Origins of the Genetic Code LSB B130A 3:00PM
Sept 23 Kristine Hammill Dr. J. Wilson Impacts of Parental Pharmaceutical Exposure on Gonad Development in Zebrafish (Danio rerio) LSB 213 10:00AM
Sept 23 Angus Ho Dr. X-D. Zhu Functional Analysis of TRF1 Phosphorylation in Telomere Maintenance LSB 213A 3:00PM
Sept 7 Paul Napthali Dr. H. Schellhorn Pinpointing Fecal Contamination Sources in Groundwater Wells across a Rural Ontario Township with Culture-Based and Culture-Independent Assays LSB 212A 2:00PM
Sept 6 Michael Lim Dr. J. Wilson Thermal, morpholine, and radiation stressor effects on the embryonic development of Lake (Coregonus clupeaformis) and round whitefish (Prosopium cylindraceum) LSB B130A 9:00AM
Sept 2 Joshua Robertson Dr.J Quinn Stress and Reproductive Fitness in a Joint-Nesting Cuckoo LSB 212A 10:00AM
Aug 25 Deepinder Sharma Dr. H. Schellhorn Long-term stationary phase-specific expression in Escherichia coli LSB 212A 9:00AM
Aug 25 Shahrokh Shekarriz Dr. B. Golding A new approach for simultaneous DNA-based monitoring of the polluted environments. LSB B130A 10:00AM
Aug 15 Michael Erb Dr. A. Bédard Characterizing the transcriptional regulation and function of the p20K lipocalin protein in chicken embryo fibroblasts LSB 212A 10:00AM
Aug 9 Yasser Salama Dr. B. Golding Methodology and Application of Metagenomics to Aquatic Environments LSB 212A 11:30AM
July 29 Adrian Forsythe Dr. JP Xu Genetic and Environmental Influences on the Germination of Basidiospores in the Crptococcus neoformas Species Complex LSB 213A
July 28 Amanda Garvin Dr. E. Weretilnyk Sulfur Nutrition Studies using the Halophyte Eutrema Salsugineum LSB 212 9:30AM
June 15 Nicholas Yap Dr. G.B. Golding Studying Macrophage Receptor Evolution and Function using Bioinformatics LSB 212A 3:00PM
Apr 28 Duygu Cevik Dr. J.R. Jacobs Hemocyte-pericardial cell interaction during the growth of the dorsal vessel LSB B130A 10:00AM
May 19 Sophia Munoz Dr. S. Dudley Variation in tree and shrub diversity across space, along environmental gradients and through time in a temperate forest in eastern North America LSB B130A 1:00PM
Apr 14 Julia Rutledge Dr. P. Chow-Fraser Genetic Analysis of a Hybrid Cross Between Cryptococcus Neoformans and Cryptococcus Deneoformans LSB B130A 10:00AM
Apr 13 Sheridan Baker Dr. G. McClelland A landscape approach to evaluate sources of nutrient and sediment to the Nottawasaga River, a tributary of Georgian Bay, Lake Huron LSB B130A 1:00PM
Dec 4 Maria Pesevski Dr. A.R. Campos Role of Autophagy and the NRF2/Keap1 Pathway in the Glia During Oxidative Stress in the Drosophila Brain LSB 213B 10:00AM
Sep 21 Jimmy Hon Cheung Li Dr. J. Kolasa Assessing the spatiotemporal dynamics of crop yields and exploring the factors affecting yield synchrony LSB B130A – 9:30PM
Sep 21 Kyle Reinschild-Lindsay Dr. X-D. Zhu Functional Analysis of Candidate Phosphorylation Sites of Telomere Repeat Binding Factor 2 (TRF2) LSB B130A – 2:00PM
Sep 21 Nastashya Wall Dr. G. McClelland Adult Phenotypic Plasticity in Thermogenesis: A comparative study using high and low altitude deer mice LSB 213A – 1:30PM
Sep 18 Marten Kaas Dr. M.J. ODonnell Effects of diet and altered expression of the Keap1/CncC pathway on secretion of organic toxins by Malpighian tubules of Drosophila melanogaster. LSB 212A – 2:00PM
Sep 16 Emily Stacy Dr. S. Dudley Determining the fitness consequences of kin recognition responses in allocation and morphological traits LSB 212A – 1:30PM
Sep 10 Kathleen Monster Dr. C.D. Rollo Multiple Dietary Supplements and Protective Effects in Gamma Irradiated Mice LSB 213A – 11:00AM
Sep 3 Brian Alcock Dr. B. Evans Duplicate gene evolution in a tetraploid African clawed frog LSB 213A – 10:30AM
Sep 2 Rachel Young Dr. M. Elliot Characterizing transcriptional and post-transcription regulators in Streptomyces bacteria LSB B130A – 10:30AM
Aug 26 Jonathan Tsou Dr. A.R. Campos Behavioural Effects of Chronic Immune Activation of Drosophila Aging and Sensitivity to Acute Stress LSB B130A – 9:00AM
Aug 4 Xiaoyu Mu Dr. B. Golding Evolution of Single Amino Acid Repeats in Eukaryotic species LSB 213A – 11:30AM
Apr 17 Sindy Murali Dr. C.A. Nurse Functional characterization and cellular physiology of rat carotid body type II cells LSB 212A – 4:00PM
Dec 17 Nadia Iftekharuddin Dr. A. Campos The Protective Role of Antioxidants up-regulated in the Drosophila glia against oxidative stress LSB B130A – 1:00PM
Dec 16 Andrew Duong Dr. M. Elliot Sortase enzymes are integral to aerial development in Streptomyces coelicolor. LSB 213A – 1:00PM
Dec 15 Florence Wilson Dr. X-D. Zhu Analysis of the Role of TRF1 Phosphorylation and TRF1 Domain Structure in Alternative Lengthening of Telomeres Activity LSB 212A – 9:30AM
Dec 11 Nathalie Mouttham Dr. H. Poinar Application of ancient DNA methodologies to forensic science: a technological transition into high-throughput sequencing and enzymatic DNA repair. LSB 213A – 1:30PM