Stephanie Jones has just been awarded the top ‘Graduate Research Prize’ by CCUBC

Stephanie Jones, a Vanier Scholar and senior Ph.D. student in Dr. Marie Elliot’s lab in the Department of Biology, has just been awarded the top ‘Graduate Research Prize’ by the ‘Canadian Council of University Biology Chairs’ (CCUBC). This award is given in recognition of publishing the best and most innovative refereed journal article (based on graduate research), this year in Canada. The honour will be officially conferred tomorrow (Nov 16th), during the CCUBC’s annual meeting.

Stephanie’s eLife paper ( turned the field of microbial development on its head, when she reported a completely new mechanism of bacterial growth, development and communication. Her findings were all the more remarkable considering that the bacterium she studies (Streptomyces), has been the subject of developmental investigations for 70+ years. Stephanie’s eLife paper has received extensive attention, including being highlighted in the journals Nature and Nature Reviews Microbiology.