Undergraduate Courses

Course outlines are updated as they are made available from the Instructor.  Check the Course Avenue 2 Learn site for further detail.

100 – Level Courses
200 – Level Courses
300 – Level Courses

400 – Level Courses

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The instructor and university reserve the right to modify elements of the course during the term.  The university may change the dates and deadlines for any or all courses in extreme circumstances.  If either type of modification becomes necessary, reasonable notice and communication with the students will be given with explanation and the opportunity to comment on changes.  It is the responsibility of the student to check their McMaster email and course websites weekly during the term and to note any changes.
Requesting waivers of course prerequisites
Contact the course instructor to request a waiver as only he/she may grant a waiver of course prerequisites.  If approved, submit proof to biology@mcmaster.ca for electronic entry.

Please note: A waiver does not guarantee a seat in a course.

For course related inquiries, please contact the Instructional Assistant. If no Instructional Assistant is listed, please contact the course instructor.

 100 – Level Courses

Course Term   Course Title Instructor(s)  Instructional Assistant
Biology 1A03 1 Cellular & Molecular Biology Drs. DaSilva, Kajiura A. Tracey
Biology 1A03 2 Cellular & Molecular Biology Drs. DaSilva, Kajiura A. Tracey
Biology 1A03 S 2018 Cellular & Molecular Biology Dr. Kajiura A. Tracey
Biology 1M03 1 Biodiversity, Evolution & Humanity Drs. Dushoff, Bolker A. Tracey
Biology 1M03 2 Biodiversity, Evolution & Humanity Drs. Quinn & Bolker
Biology 1M03 S 2018 Biodiversity, Evolution & Humanity Dr. Kajiura  A. Tracey
Biology 1P03 1 Introductory Biology Dr. Leonard

 200 – Level Courses

Course Term   Course Title Instructor(s)   Instructional Assistant
Biology 2A03 2 Integrative Physiology of Animals Dr. McClelland A. Cowie
Biology 2B03 1 Cell Biology Dr. Igdoura A. Cowie
Biology 2B03 2 Cell Biology Dr. Igdoura A. Cowie
Biology 2B03 Not Available Cell Biology Dr. DaSilva A. Cowie
Biology 2C03 1 Genetics Drs. Dworkin, Xu M. Georgescu
Biology 2C03 2 Genetics Dr. Zhu M. Georgescu
Biology 2C03 Not Available Genetics Drs. Xu / Dworkin M. Georgescu
Biology 2D03 1 Plant Biodiversity & Biotechnology Drs. Murphy, Dudley M. Georgescu
Biology 2EE3 2 Introduction to Microbiology & Biotechnology Dr. Geddes A. Cowie
Biology 2F03 1 Fundamental & Applied Ecology Dr. Chow-Fraser A. Cowie
Biology 2L03 1 Experimental Design in Biology Dr. Jacobs A. Cowie

 300 – Level Courses

Course Term   Course Title Instructor(s) Instructional Assistant
Biology 3AA3 Fundamental Concepts of Pharmacology NOT OFFERED NOT OFFERED
Biology 3B03 2 Plant Physiology Dr. Weretilnyk
Biology 3DD3 1 Communities & Ecosystems Dr. Kolasa
Biology 3EI3 2 Ecological Indicators Dr. Pat Chow-Fraser
Biology 3EP3Bio3EP3 Employers form   Bio3EP3 Student form 1, 2 or S Applied Biology Placement Dr. Seymour A. Cowie
Biology 3ET3 2 Ecotoxicology Dr. Kidd
Biology 3FF3 1 Evolution Dr. Stone
Biology 3HD3 2 Human Disasters Dr. Seymour
Biology 3JJ3 1 Field methods in ecology Dr. Dudley
Biology 3IR3  form Project Examples 1, 2 or S Independent Research Project Dr. Seymour A. Cowie
Biology 3MM3 2 Invertebrate Form & Function Dr. O’Donnell
Biology 3PG3 1 Population Genetics Drs. Dworkin, Golding
Biology 3P03 1 Cell Physiology Dr. DaSilva
Biology 3R03 / 3RF0 Field Biology 1 Dr. Kolasa
Biology 3A03 Applied Statistics For Biology Dr. Kolasa
Biology 3S03 1 An Introduction to Bioinformatics Dr. Golding
Biology 3SS3 2 Population Ecology Dr. Dushoff
Biology 3U03 1 Animal Physiology – Homeostasis Dr. O’Donnell
Biology 3UU3 2 Animal Physiology – Regulatory Systems Dr. Rollo
Biology 3VV3 2 Laboratory Methods in Molecular Biology Dr. Singh A. Cowie
Biology 3XL3 1 Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy & Physiology NOT OFFERED NOT OFFERED
Biology 3ZZ3 1 Topics in Physiology Dr. Wilson
Mol Biol 3A03 2 Current Topics in Molecular Biology Dr. Schellhorn
Mol Biol 3B03 1 Advanced Cell Biology Dr. Chaudry A. Cowie
Mol Biol 3CC3 2 Genomics & Systems Biology Dr. Schellhorn
Mol Biol 3D03 S 2017 Experimental approaches in Cell Biology Dr. Campos A. Cowie
Mol Biol 3I03  form Project Examples 1, 2 or S Independent Research Project Dr. Daniel
Mol Biol 3II3 2 Molecular Genetics of Eukaryotes Dr. Bedard
Mol Biol 3M03 2 Fundamental Concepts of Development Sessional M.Georgescu
Mol Biol 3O03 1 Microbial Genetics Dr. Sexton M.Georgescu
Mol Biol 3V03 1 Techniques in Molecular Genetics Dr. Sexton A. Cowie
Mol Biol 3Y03 2 Plant Responses to the Environment Dr. Cameron
Pharmac 3A06 3 Introduction to Pharmacology Drs. Rangachari and Johnson
Pharmac 3B06 3 Methods in Pharmacology Dr. Janssen

 400 – Level Courses

Course Term   Course Title Instructor(s)
Biology 4A03 2 Advanced Topics in Ecology Dr. Kajiura
Biology 4AA3 2 Conservation Biology Dr. Quinn
Biology 4AE3 2 Ecology & Evolution of Organisms Dr. Rollo
Biology 4C12   Form Supervisors
Thesis Info Night 2016
3 Senior Thesis / Prospective Students Dr. Seymour
Biology 4E03 – NOW BIO 3PG3 2 Population Genetics Dr. Golding
Biology 4EE3 1 Human Diversity & Human Nature Dr. Singh
Biology 4F06   Form Supervisors 3 Senior Project / Prospective Students Dr. Seymour
Biology 4J03/4JF0 Field Biology II Dr. Kolasa
Biology 4PP3 1 Environmental Microbiology & Biotechnology Dr. Xu
Biology 4ED3 2 Evolutionary Developmental Biology Dr. Dworkin
Biology 4IR3 2 Advanced Independent Research Project Dr. Seymour
Biology 4T03 2 Neurobiology NOT OFFERED
Biology 4X03 1 Environmental Physiology Drs. Fahnestock & Kunze
Mol Biol 4BB3 1 Plant Metabolism & Molecular Biology Dr. Weretilnyk
Mol Biol 4DD3 2 Molecular Evolution Dr. Evans
Mol Biol 4G12   Form 1 Senior Co-Op Thesis Dr. Seymour
Mol Biol 4H03 2 Molecular Biology of Cancer Drs. Bedard & Whyte
Mol Biol 4K03 1 Research Advances in Biology of Aging Dr. Zhu
Mol Biol 4P03 2 Medical Microbiology Dr. Schellhorn
Mol Biol 4RR3 2 Human Genetics Dr. Igdoura
Pharmac 4A03 1 Receptor-Drug Interactions Dr. Werstiuk & Mishra
Pharmac 4AA3 Advanced Topics in Pharmacology Dr. A. Grover
Pharmac 4C03 1 Principles of Toxicology Dr. Holloway
Pharmac 4D03 2 Drug Design Dr. Werstiuk
Pharmac 4E03 2 Social Pharmacology Dr. Labiris
Pharmac 4F09 3 Senior Thesis Dr. Huizinga