Christopher M. Wood, Ph.D.

Chris Wood

Tel: (905) 525-9140
Office: LS - 227 Ext 23537
Lab: LS - 203 Ext 27257
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Environmental physiology and aquatic toxicology of aquatic animals.

Environmental physiology and aquatic toxicology of aquatic animals

While my primary focus is on physiology, my research examines the interactions of fish and crustaceans with their environment at all levels from the molecular to the ecological. I am particularly interested in the sublethal effects of natural factors (temperature, oxygen, water chemistry, exercise, feeding, social interactions) and anthropogenic pollutants (metals, ammonia, low and high pH, climate change) on organismal function, and the strategies by which animals adapt to extreme environments. Particular projects at present consider fuel usage and nitrogenous waste production in fish on different feeding and exercise regimes, urea transport and acid-base regulatory mechanisms, in vitro primary culture models for understanding gill function, and the kinetics of metal uptake and homeostasis as tools for the development of environmental regulations.