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    Ecology & Evolution

Our research in the area of Ecology and Evolution aims to address several important questions and uses a host of approaches and techniques to achieve this. Most labs use multidisciplinary approaches spanning several areas such as molecular techniques, quantitative methods, GIS, laboratory experimentation on organism development and physiology, population dynamics, genetic analyses as well as satellite imagery.

Ben Bolker
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I am a quantitative ecologist and evolutionary biologist. I am interested in the ecology and evolution of host-pathogen interactions, including the evolution of virulence; spatial population dynamics, including plant competition and animal movement; and general statistical methods for ecology and evolution. I have worked with data from historical records and from empirical collaborators from a large variety of biological systems - for example seed dispersal by bluebirds, movement of black bears and panthers in Florida, and evolution of virulence in HIV. I focus on developing theoretical models that can be empirically tested, as well as statistical models that can be interpreted in mechanistic terms.

Bioinformatics & Functional Genomics

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