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Undergraduate Coordinator level 1 courses - on leave
BSB 201A/B
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Primary focus of my research has been the molecular regulation of intracellular transport, with emphasis on lipid metabolism along trafficking pathways. My studies into the role of membrane remodeling in endocytic recycling processes aimed to dissect molecular mechanism of membrane tubulation within the recycling compartment, demonstrating its role in efficient recycling of receptors such as integrins during metastasis. I am particularly interested in lipid fluxes in living cells that can be monitored through the development and optimization of high-resolution imaging approaches and probes. I used these approaches to determine individual roles of specific lipids in processes ranging from vesicular fusion to sphingolipid homeostasis and lysosomal storage diseases. I have applied my expertise in membrane biology and trafficking to develop a new line of investigation of endocrine signaling with my collaborators at the National Institutes of Health.

As a STEM educator, I am passionate about personalized, life-long science education that is competency-based and research-intensive. Through collaborations, outreach and advocacy, my pedagogical work explores the potential for an immersive, digital environment in mastering abstract scientific concepts.

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¶ corresponding author * denotes equal contribution

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