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Dr. Juliet Daniel Lab

Molecular Biology Cancer Research

Lab Members

Shawn Hercules, MPH

PhD Candidate

My research is focused on identifying the epidemiological and genetic profile of triple negative breast cancer (TNBC) in women of African ancestry (WAA) in the Caribbean (Barbados and Jamaica) as well as in Nigeria. I’ve travelled to Nigeria, Barbados and Jamaica along with other members of the lab to collect clinical information from patient notes and pathology departments as well as breast cancer tissue specimens to identify this unique profile. We’ve sequenced the DNA from these samples and hope to identify a unique genetic profile contributing to the high TNBC prevalence and overall breast cancer aggressiveness in our cohort which has implications for WAA worldwide.

Lindyann Lessey, BSc

MSc Candidate

Colorectal Cancer is a type of cancer that manifests itself in the lower part of the digestives system namely the colon/large intestine. Its start with abnormal growth of the cells lining the colon. In most cases the etiology is unknown but inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is said to be a leading cause. IDB is characterized by increased and uncontrolled inflammation of the gut. However, the mechanism by which IBD transitions or causes colon cancer is unknown. The goal of my research is to find a molecular pathway linking the transition of IBD to colorectal cancer. Kaiso, a transcription factor implicated in Colon Cancer and which is highly expressed in IBD will be utilized to establish this connection.

Stephanie Ali Fairbairn

MSc Candidate

Adeba Khogiani

Fourth year thesis student

Adeba is in the Honours Biology and Psychology, Neuroscience and Behaviour (PNB) program.

Luke Buckler

Fourth year thesis student

Luke is in the Honours Integrated Science program (Biology concentration).

Gursukhmani Johl

Fourth year thesis student

Gursukhmani is in the Honours Molecular Biology and Genetics program.

Cindy Chin

Fourth year thesis student

Cindy is in the Honours Molecular Biology and Genetics (co-op) program.

Brittany Mascarenhas

Fourth year thesis student

Brittany is in the Honours Integrated Science program.

Layaa Sivakumar

Fourth year thesis student

Layaa is in the Honours Molecular Biology and Genetics program.

Stefan M. Mladjenovic

Alumni - Website Developer

Stefan is the portrait photographer and web developer for the Daniel Lab. You can contact him about any questions/suggestions for the website at Stefan graduated from the Honours Life Sciences program and was working on the Triple Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC) project. He is currently a graduate student at the University of Toronto.


Blessing Bassey (Ph.D. 2017; currently Postdoctoral Fellow in Dr. Sheila K. Singh's Laboratory ) - Triple negative breast cancer (TNBC) in women of African ancestry (WAA)
Shaiya Robinson (Ph.D. 2017; currently (i) Postdoctoral Researcher at SickKids Research Institute, (ii) Instructor at McMaster University, and (iii) Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Revisionary Editing) - Kaiso roles in intestinal Notch signaling
Roopali Chaudhary (Ph.D. 2015; currently (i) Senior Scientist - Cell Biology Specialist, Allarta Life Science Incorporate (ii) Research Associate - Daniel Lab (iii) CEO and Founder - Lotus STEMM (iv) Content Editor - Sci-Illustrate (v) Owner - SugarKube) - Characterization of Kaiso transgenic mice
Christina Pierre (Ph.D. 2015; currently Clinical Chemist at Lancaster General Hospital) - Characterization of Kaiso/ApcMin+ transgenic mice
Nickett S. Donaldson (Ph.D. 2011) - Kaiso interactions with the POZ-ZF protein Znf131
Kevin Kelly (Ph.D. 2007; currently Staff Field Applications Scientist at Thermo Fisher Scientific) - Nuclear trafficking & functions of Kaiso & p120ctn
Luke Bayer (M.Sc. 2019) - Kaiso roles in colitis-associated colon cancer
Lyndsay Rayner (M.Sc. 2018; currently Clinical Trial Coordinator) - Kaiso and miRNA roles in breast cancer
Justin Knapp (M.Sc. 2014; currently Vice President of Research at Serenity Bioworks) - Xenopus POZ-ZF transcription factors
Patrick Doherty (M.Sc. 2012) - Kaiso expression and localization in breast tumors
Sonali Weerawardane (M.Sc. 2010) - Role of Kaiso in breast tumorigenic processes
Kyster Nanan (M.Sc. 2009; currently Program Manager at the Ontario Molecular Pathology Research Network (OMPRN), Queen's University, Kingston, ON) - Characterization of Kaiso transgenic mice
Michelle Anstey (M.Sc. 2008) - Kaiso’s regulation of the cell cycle gene CCND1
Mai Almardini (M.Sc. 2007; currently Account Manager at Pall Laboratory) - The role of Kaiso and p120ctn in EMT
Abena Otchere (M.Sc. 2006; currently Physician at Halton Healthcare Sciences - Georgetown Hospital) - CyclinD1: A putative Kaiso target gene
Curtis Nordgaard (M.Sc. 2004) - Binding partners for transcription repressor Kaiso
Christopher M. Spring (M.Sc. 2003) - p120ctn regulates Kaiso-mediated transcription
Akeel Baig (M.Sc. 2002) - Analysis of Kaiso as a transcription factor
Dr. Blessing Bassey (2017-2018) - TNBC in women of African ancestry
Dr. Snezana Milosavljevic (2015-2016) - miRNA expression in TNBC
Dr. Nickett Donaldson (2011-2012) - Characterization of Xenopus POZ-ZF proteins
Dr. Monika Ignacak (2009-2010) - Kaiso and HIF-1α gene regulation during hypoxia
Dr. Hong Wang (2004-2006) - ChIP-on-chip identification of Kaiso target genes
Dr. Ita O’Kelly (2003- 2004) - ChIP-on-chip identification of Kaiso target genes
Monica Graham (2016- 2018) - Elucidating Kaiso roles in cancer
Sonali Weerawardane (2010- 2011) - Anticancer bioactivity of synthetic plant molecules
Shari Yasin (2009- 2011) - Anticancer bioactivity of synthetic plant molecules
Laura Beatty (2009) - p120ctn function in hypoxia
Monica Graham (2002- 2007) - Kaiso phosphorylation studies
Chloe Milsom (2000- 2002) - Kaiso yeast two-hybrid screen
Stefan M. Mladjenovic (Life Sciences; currently PhD student at the University of Toronto)
Meena Alnajar (Arts and Sciences; currently JD candidate at Osgoode Hall Law School)
Chen Chen (Integrated Sciences; currently Masters student at the University of Toronto)
Megan Kay (Life Sciences)

Noroh Dakim (Biology and Psychology, Neuroscience and Behaviour (PNB); currently MD candidate at the University of Toronto)
Toyemi Opeoluwa-Calebs (Molecular Biology and Genetics; currently Coordinator of Strategic Initiatives at Empowerment Squared)
Allysia Chin (Chemical Biology; currently Research Assistant at the University of Toronto)

Alyssa Giannotti (Biology)
Talia Marshall (Biology)
Omotunde Babatope (Life Sciences)

Luke Bayer (Biology)
Yulika Yoshida-Montezuma (Biology)
Shatha Jaber (Biochemistry)

Sinthu Pathmanapan (Biology; currently PhD Candidate in Dr. Benjamin Alman and Dr. Jay Wunder Lab at SickKids, Toronto, ON)
Kristina Klobucar (Biology)
Lyndsay Rayner (Biology)
Branavan Siva (Biology)

Kirandeep Kharpal (Biology)
Catherine Crawford-Brown (Biology)

Joseph Longo (Biology; currently Postdoctoral Fellow at the Van Andel Institute)
Lloyd Ye (Biology)

Eric Neely (Biology)
Meaghan Mavor (Biology)
Daria Wojtal (Biology)

Jon Cogle (Integrated Sciences)
Erin Walters (Biology)

Julie Mersereau (Biology)
Lowell de Villena (Biology)

Stephanie Greer (Biology)
Carlyn Nameth (Biology)
Krisel Nagallo (Biology)