The outlines below are drafts that were posted early to provide as much information to students as possible in advance of registration and the final outlines will be provided at the start of each course.

Graduate Courses

2022-2023 Graduate Course Offerings

For a full list of graduate courses in Biology, including course descriptions, please visit the Graduate Calendar. 

Course Code Course Title Instructor(s) Term
BIOL 712

Communication and Scholarship Skills in Biology

H. Schellhorn
E. Weretilnyk
J. Wilson
Fall 2022
BIOL 799

Genetic Basis of Common Diseases

S. Igdoura Fall 2022
BIOL 707  Ecological Statistics J. Kolasa
S. Dudley
Winter 2023
BIOL 720 Introductory Bioinformatics I. Dworkin
B. Evans
B. Golding
Winter 2023
BIOL 730 Management of Aquatic Ecosystems and Resources P. Chow-Fraser
Winter 2023



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