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These prestigious awards enable undergraduate students to spend the summer months (16 weeks) working with a research group in Biology. If you are interested in spending "Summer 2020" at McMaster and you have a 10.0 Cumulative Average (or above), we invite you to apply provided you find a prospective NSERC-funded supervisor in Biology willing to sponsor your application.

Deadline is Friday, February 12, 2021 to

The awards have a total stipend as follows for the 16 weeks.

NSERC stipend(s) (minimum):

$6,000 NSERC award + $2,120* Biology researcher contribution = $8,120 total

*NSERC research contribution stipend value currently under review from the Biology Dept for students in Levels II-1V.

Applications are invited from all qualified Level I, II, III, IV students. Applicants must be Canadian citizens and must be currently registered in a bachelor's degree program. Biology research contribution stipend currently under review.

Biology Application Procedures

Step 1

Visit the NSERC website to determine if you are eligible for the award.

Step 2

Contact a Prospective Supervisor (you apply through the Department of the proposed supervisor).

For a list of eligible Biology Faculty visit Individual Supervisors may sponsor a maximum of two students only and each will have their own selection criteria.

Step 3

Submit an unofficial transcript (to include December 2020 results). If you are chosen for an NSERC you will need to order an official McMaster University transcript through the Registrar's Office to submit with your Part II form.

Step 4

All NSERC forms must be completed on-line initially. No exceptions will be made.

Follow the instructions for completing the application at:

Form 202 - Application for an Undergraduate Student Reserach Award 

  • Complete Part 1 - Personal Data Form (completed by student on-line). (Part II is not required at this time)*
    • Tips:
    • Degree = Bachelor's 
    • Name of Discipline = name of your program (i.e. Honours Biology)
    • Department = Biology 
    • How many academic terms when award is held = if you're completing Level 2, Type 4; if you're completing Level 3, type 6; if you're completing Level 4, type 8
  •  Scan and upload a copy of your official transcript (which should include one copy of the back page of your transcript which details McMaster's grading scheme). 
  • Print out a copy of the NSERC USRA Part I form for submission to the Department of Biology. 

Step 5

Complete the Supplemental Information Form

Step 6 - Documents to submit to Biology

Submit to by Friday, February 12, 2021

  • Copy of completed Part 1 ONLY (do not complete Part II)
  • Original of Supplemental application
  • An official transcript that includes December 2020 grades


Applications will be reviewed and ranked by the Biology Undergraduate Studies Committee and by the Faculty of Science.

*Part II - Proposed location of Tenure and Reserach Project will be completed by the proposed supervisor after the applications have been ranked within the Department.

NSERC insists that students work for a full 16-week period and will not accept shorter periods of employment.

Award decisions to be made late March. All applicants will be contacted regardless if they receive the NSERC USRA or not.

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