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New kid on the block: LmbU expands the repertoire of specialized metabolic regulators in Streptomyces

Authors: Ju, K.S., Zhang, X., Elliot, M.A.

Reference: Journal of Bacteriology. (2018) 200: e00559-17.


'Exploring' the regulation of Streptomyces growth and development.

Authors: Jones, S.E., Elliot, M.A.

Reference: Current Opinion in Microbiology. (2017) 42: 25-30.

Regulation of a muralytic enzyme-encoding gene by two non-coding RNAs.

Authors: St-Onge, R.J., Elliot, M.A.

Reference: RNA Biology. (2017)

Streptomyces exploration: competition, volatile communication and new bacterial behaviours.

Authors: Jones, S.E., Elliot, M.A.

Reference: Trends in Microbiology. (2017) 25: 522-531.

An engineered allele of afsQ1 facilitates the discovery and investigation of cryptic natural products.

Authors: Daniel-Ivad, M., Hameed, N., Tan, S., Dhanjal, R., Socko, D., Pak, P., Gverzdys, T., Elliot, M.A., Nodwell, J.R.

Reference: ACS Chemical Biology. (2017) 12: 628-634.

Non-coding RNAs as antibiotic targets.

Authors: Colameco, S. Elliot, M.A.

Reference: Biochemical Pharmacology. (2017) 133: 29-42.

Streptomyces exploration is triggered by fungal interactions and volatile compounds.

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Authors: Jones, S.E., Ho, L.K., Rees, C.A., Hill, J.E., Nodwell, J.R., Elliot, M.A

Reference: eLife. (2017) 6:e21738.


Crystal structure of the Streptomyces coelicolor sortase E1 transpeptidase provides insight into the binding mode of the novel class E sorting signal.

Authors: Kattke, M.D., Chan, A.H., Duong, A., Sexton, D.L., Sawaya, M.R., Cascio, D., Elliot, M.A., Clubb, R.T.

Reference: PLOS One (2016) 11: e0167763.

Streptomyces bacteria: specialized metabolism, inter-species interactions, and non-coding RNAs.

Editors: Francisco Enguita and Ana Leitão. Springer.

Authors: Moody, M.J., Jones, S.J., Crisante, D., Elliot, M.A.

Reference: ncRNAs and Interkingdom Interactions. (2016)

Liquid chromatograph-tandem mass spectrometry to identify sortase cleavage products

Authors: Duong, A., Koteva, K., Sexton, D.L., Elliot, M.A.

Reference: Methods Mol. Biol. (2016) 1440: 99-108.


Nucleotide second messenger-mediated regulation of a muralytic enzyme in Streptomyces.

Authors: St-Onge, R.J., Haiser, H.J., Yousef, M.R., Sherwood, E., Tschowri, N., Al-Bassam, M., Elliot, M.A.

Reference: Mol. Microbiol. (2015) 96: 779-795.

Resuscitation-promoting factors are cell wall lytic enzymes with important roles in the development of Streptomyces coelicolor.

Authors: Sexton, D.L., St-Onge, R., Haiser, H.J., Yousef, M.R., Brady, L., Gao, C., Leonard, J., Elliot, M.A.

Reference: J. Bacteriol. (2015) 197: 848-860.


Development, antibiotic production and ribosome assembly in Streptomyces venezuelae are impacted by RNase J and RNase III deletion.

Authors: Jones, S.E., Leong, V., Ortega, J., Elliot, M.A.

Reference: J. Bacteriol. (2014) 196: 4253-4267.

Complex intra-operonic dynamics mediated by a small RNA in Streptomyces coelicolor

Authors: Hindra, Moody, M.J., Jones, S.E., Elliot, M.A.

Reference: PLoS One. (2014) 9: e85856.


Comparative analysis of non-coding RNAs in the antibiotic-producing Streptomyces bacteria

Authors: Moody, M.J., Young, R.A., Jones, S.E., Elliot, M.A.

Reference: BMC Genomics. (2013) 14: 558.

A novel nucleoid-associated protein specific to the actinobacteria

Authors: Swiercz, J.P., Nanji, T., Gloyd, M., Guarné, A, and Elliot, M.A.

Reference: Nucleic Acids Res. (2013) 41: 4171-84.


Crp is a global regulator of antibiotic production in Streptomyces

Authors: Gao, C., Hindra, Mulder, D., Yin, C., and Elliot, M.A.

Reference: mBio. (2012) 3: e00407-12. doi:10.1128/mBio.00407-12.

Functional biogeography of ocean microbes revealed through non-negative matrix factorization

Authors: Jiang, X., Langille, M.G.I., Neches, R.Y., Elliot, M., Levin, S.A., Eisen, J.A., Weitz, J.S., and Dushoff, J.

Reference: PLoS One. (2012) 7: e43866. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.

Streptomycete Spores

In: Encyclopedia of Life Sciences (eLS).

Authors: Elliot, M.A. and Flärdh, K.

Reference: John Wiley & Sons Ltd, Chichester (2012) doi: 10.1002/9780470015902.a0000308.pub2.

Aerial development in Streptomyces coelicolor requires sortase activity

Authors: Duong, A., Capstick, D.S., Di Berardo, C., Findlay, K.C., Hesketh, A., Hong, H.J., and Elliot, M.A.

Reference: Mol. Microbiol. (2012) 83: 992-1005.

Streptomyces Sporulation. Chapter 4 in: Bacterial Spores: Current Research and Applications

Editor: Ernesto Abel-Santos. Horizon Scientific Press, Norwich, U.K.

Authors: Swiercz, J.S. and Elliot, M.A.

Reference: Bacterial Spores (2012): Current Research and Applications.


Dual amyloid domains promote differential functioning of the chaplin proteins during Streptomyces aerial morphogenesis

Authors: Capstick, D.S., Jomaa, A., Hanke, C., Ortega, J. and Elliot, M.A.

Reference: Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA. (2011) 108: 9821-26.


Regulation of a novel gene cluster involved in secondary metabolite production in Streptomyces coelicolor

Authors: Hindra, Pak, P and Elliot, M.A.

Reference: J. Bacteriol. (2010) 192: 4973-82.


Cell wall hydrolases affect germination, vegetative growth and sporulation in Streptomyces coelicolor

Authors: Haiser, H.J., Yousef, M.R. and Elliot, M.A.

Reference: J. Bacteriol. (2009) 191: 6501-12.


Small non-coding RNAs in Streptomyces coelicolor

Authors: Swiercz, J.P., Hindra, Bobek, J., Haiser, H.J., Di Berardo C., Tjaden, B. and Elliot, M.A.

Reference: Nucleic Acids Res. (2008) 36: 7240-51.

Function and redundancy of the chaplin cell-surface proteins in aerial hyphae formation, rodlet assembly, and Viability in Streptomyces coelicolor

Authors: Di Berardo, C., Capstick, D.S., Bibb, M.J., Findlay, K.C., Buttner, M.J. and Elliot, M.A.

Reference: J. Bacteriol. (2008) 190: 5879-89.

Multicellular Development in Streptomyces. Chapter 24 in: Myxobacteria: Multicellularity and Differentiation

Editor: D. Whitworth. ASM Press, Washington, D.C.

Authors: Elliot, M.A., Buttner, M.J. and Nodwell, J.R.

Reference: Chapter 24 in: Myxobacteria: Multicellularity and Differentiation. (2008)


Developmentally regulated cleavage of tRNAs in the bacterium Streptomyces coelicolor

Authors: Haiser, H.J., Karginov, F.V., Hannon, G.J. and Elliot, M.A.

Reference: Nucleic Acids Res. (2007) 36: 732-41.

SmeA, a small membrane protein with multiple functions in Streptomyces sporulation including targeting of a SpoIIIE/FtsK-like protein to cell division septa

Authors: Ausmees, N., Wahlstedt, H., Bagchi, S., Elliot, M.A., Buttner, M.J. and Flärdh, K.

Reference: Mol Microbiol. (2007) 65: 1458-73.

SapB and the chaplins: connections between morphogenetic proteins in Streptomyces coelicolor

Authors: Capstick, D.S., Willey, J.M., Buttner, M.J. and Elliot, M.A.

Reference: Mol Microbiol. (2007) 64: 602-613.


Building filaments in the air: aerial morphogenesis in bacteria and fungi

Authors: Elliot M.A. and Talbot N.J.

Reference: Curr Opin Microbiol. (2004) 7: 594-601.


The chaplins: a family of hydrophobic cell-surface proteins involved in aerial mycelium formation in Streptomyces coelicolor

Authors: Elliot M.A., Karoonuthaisiri N., Huang J., Bibb M.J., Cohen S.N., Kao C.M. and Buttner M.J.

Reference: Genes Dev. (2003) 17: 1727-40.

BldD from Streptomyces coelicolor is a non-essential global regulator that binds its own promoter as a dimer

Authors: Elliot M.A., Locke T.R., Galibois C.M. and Leskiw B.K.

Reference: FEMS Microbiol Lett. (2003) 225: 35-40.


BldD is a direct regulator of key developmental genes in Streptomyces coelicolor A3(2)

Authors: Elliot M.A., Bibb M.J., Buttner M.J. and Leskiw B.K.

Reference: Mol Microbiol. (2001) 40: 257-69.


The BldD protein from Streptomyces coelicolor is a DNA-binding protein

Authors: Elliot M.A. and Leskiw B.K.

Reference: J Bacteriol. (1999) 181: 6832-5.


The bldD gene of Streptomyces coelicolor A3(2): a regulatory gene involved in morphogenesis and antibiotic production

Authors: Elliot M., Damji F., Passantino R., Chater K. and Leskiw B.

Reference: J Bacteriol. (1998) 180: 1549-55.